Auction House Fine Art Sales Commercial Photography

Commercial works of art photography

Auction House Fine Art Sales photography is a niche area of commercial photography. Based in Colchester our main customer with a contract for over 5 years is Reeman & Dansie A specialist auction house in Colchester Essex with a wide range of unique items that need photographing for their Bi Monthly sales glossy catalogue.

Auction house fine art sales

This type of of commercial photography is like product or pack shot photography on speed! With an A4 full colour glossy catalogue to fill with amazing images within 5 days is always hard work, but the results are worth while with 400 – 500 images per catalogue.
There are so many different type of commercial photography within the auction house including photography of paintings by very famous artists such as Alfred Munnings or Constable. Well known sculptors and jewellery makers always make good commercial photographic subjects as these are very popular and often achieve good prices. Also we are commissioned to undertake commercial photographic work for some of the Collectors sales and Coin & Militaria sales

Black Background or White cut out commercial Photography

Within the catalogue some pages are pure black, which shows off jewellery photography really well and others are white which is good for ceramics, silver, works of art and clock Photography. Apart from those two type we also cover photography for paintings with available light to make them look like the originals as possible correcting the perspective in post production allows for a perfect square or rectangle avoiding any flare on glassed paintings.

Royal sales commercial Photography

It is such an exciting job as you never know what will be coming through the door next, it may be a piece of Diana & Charles’s wedding cake, lovely unique pictures of the Queen taken candidly by her staff that no has seen before.  Post cards written by Diana in her teens were very touching. Contact us Here for more information and make a booking or Call 01206 230027