Candid Documentary Wedding Photography Colchester Essex

Candid Documentary Wedding photography

This style of candid documentary wedding photography is where the emotional connections  between different formal parts of the of the day are made. I believe that this is where the true heart of a wedding lies, in capturing you and your guests, interacting with each other without being told where or how to stand or look.

Reportage Wedding Photography, Story Telling

There are lots of terms for types of  candid wedding photography, but basically they all mean the same thing, story telling or telling the story of your day, group line ups are important at a wedding but only tell you who was there. Bride & Groom portraits feature the connection between the Bride and Groom in a posed and semi posed way. But true reportage photography is a much more demanding and skilled field of wedding photography. You have to be able to judge a scene in a fraction of a second and then wait for as Henry Cartier Bresson described “The decisive moment” Oh and it has to be exposed right and in focus. Request availability here.

Documentary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2015

In 2015 I was pleased to win the London & Essex Group BIPP Documentary Photographer of the Year ! Here is a link to my Paul Cudmore Photography face book page.

If you want to see the image close up click here

I am a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers aka the BIPP with LBIPP after my name. The Group has regions around the country and my local one is the London & Essex Group  This Group is dedicated to Learning, sharing and networking with other professional photographers to make our photography and service the finest it can be. It is a unique group as it also hosts the Master Photographers region as well, making one of the most successful in the country. Call us today 01206 230027