Pre Wedding Engagement Photography Shoots Essex

Engagement Photography or Pre Wedding Shoots

Pre wedding engagement photography or pre wedding shoots ? Either description works for couples who are soon to be married. These are normally shot a few months in advance of the wedding but if time is tight we can photograph your pre wedding shoot as close to two weeks before the wedding. Giving you time to use the images within your wedding day celebrations with items such as signing books, signing frames or just a nice collection of framed photos to show off to your guests. They also make great gifts for your parents and wall portraits for your own home.

Relaxed and Casual Photography

We try to keep the style of photography on the pre wedding engagement photography shoots very casual and relaxed, with lots of walking and interactive shots. It is a great chance to practice being photographed together ahead of the wedding day. There is certain amount of trepidation before a shoot but a few minutes in and we are having some real fun, you will soon forget about being nervous and the shoot just flows into to some great images. This ultimately will put your mind at rest about your wedding day photography.

Morning or Evening  Pre Wedding Shoots

We tend to shoot early evening or morning if preferred, when the light is lovely and warm and not too harsh. Early Summer or late summer is probably best. Winter pre wedding shoots are still worth doing, as a crisp frosty morning can lead to some quite wonderful images. But if you don’t fancy getting cold we can arrange a full studio session at our Whitehall Studio in Colchester.

Coastal or inland wooded pre shoot locations

We try to choose a location near to where you live. A few of our favourites places include West Mersea, Essex by the pastel coloured beach huts. Felixstowe Suffolk, also on the beach is another great location for pre wedding shoots as the end of the promenade near the Alex restaurant is not very busy. Most people don’t live too far from a small wood or copse, which can also make a fun location for your engagement shoot.

Coffee or a pint after the shoot…

Having a nice cup of tea or coffee always goes down well after you pre wedding engagement photography shoot. Giving us a chance to chat about your final plans for your big day. For the evening session the option of wine and beer is always welcomed. This informal and friendly approach really helps with the photography on your wedding day, as when I turn up you will think, “Great! Paul has arrived we can start getting on with some exciting photography.” Not, “Oh here is the photographer.”

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