wedding details photography

Don’t forget the details

Wedding details photography can really tell the story of the day. The wedding detail shots can help link all the different parts of your special day. We start at the brides home photographing the wedding dress on the hanger with natural window light. The concentrate on photographing the flowers, shoes and special details like the perfume you wore on the day and special jewellery and not forgetting the lucky sixpence.

At the Grooms house

With our 2nd photographer option we will go to the grooms house as well photographing the guys getting ready and all the details there. Mad socks, trouble tying cravats, cufflinks, shoes and again all the special things like gifts from the bride.

When designing the wedding album the finer details are key

To making the album flow. The bride & groom’s put so much effort in choosing the table plans, favours, chair covers, rings and whole host of fantastic wedding things that make their day special to them.

So worth making sure they are recorded well

With a professional wedding details photography expert.
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